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Tower Crane Erection Process


Tower Crane Erection Process

Basic Mast Cage Section Mast Section Top Tower

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Counter Jib Counter Weights Main Jib Typical Section

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Moving Jibs Connecting Jibs Securing Basic Mast Placing Re-bar

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Installing Lever Lifting Section Introducing Section

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  1. Cast a concrete base for the basic mast of the crane with timber formwork
  2. Assemble the telescopic cage section on top of basic mast
  3. Assemble the top mast section just under the mast cabin on top of cage section
  4. Erect the section of top tower containing the mast cabin above top mast section
  5. Fix the counter-jib perpendicular to the vertical tower using the counter-jib tie
  6. Hang the counterweights at the end of the counter-jib
  7. Install the main jib with the main jib tie
  8. Hang the jib trolley on the main jib

After erecting the whole tower crane, it was ready for "raising" to the required operating height. This was achieved by jacking up hydraulically the telescopic cage section and then bringing extra standard mast sections into the telescopic cage consecutively until sufficient height was reached.

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